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hi there! this is my personal and multi-fandom blog, typically revolving around television and gaming. I make edits and resources on occasion, and post updates on my cosplaying as well. Check out the tags page for an organized list of everything I post. Thanks for visiting!

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Games I [aggressively recommend to everyone]:└ Fatal Frame II (2003) | Project Zero II: Wii Edition (2012)

Games I [aggressively recommend to everyone]:
└ Fatal Frame II (2003) | Project Zero II: Wii Edition (2012)

irnbull replied to your post: I’m amazed at the editors who post the…

mood board? wat

It’s a new editing trend (I believe it’s new? I just started noticing them in the past month or so). My sister has been making them recently and inspired me to try and make one in my editing style.

I’m amazed at the editors who post these mood board things often. I’m two hours into making mine and it’s not even near finished yet.

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I would in a heart beat xD

Ahhh, really? Who are your favorite characters? :D

Someone cosplay Fatal Frame characters with me.

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KH TRIOS → Donald + Mickey + Goofy (x)


KH TRIOS  Donald + Mickey + Goofy (x)